Verde Builds

A licensed General Contractor (License # 191708), Verde Builds can conceive, design and implement environmental infrastructure projects. Partners include Probity Builders and Colas Construction.

Project: 2018 Portland Basketball Courts Revitalization Project


Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers are teaming up to refresh up to 100 basketball courts across 30 Portland Parks & Recreation parks. Nike and the Trail Blazers have selected Verde to receive and manage the grant funds and Verde Build will serve as the general contractor for the project.

Project: Cully Park

Cully Park 081717_NH18172.jpg

Verde Builds serves as co-general contractor with Colas Construction on the Cully Park project, converting a 25 acre former landfill into a public park in NE Portland's Cully Neighborhood. This approach increases assets and wealth among low-income people by supporting target business contracting and local hiring.

Project: Nadaka Park


Verde Builds served as General Contractor for the green features scope of work at Nadaka Park (a community-led park project in Gresham), including community garden, ecoroof, nature play area, and trails. Verde Builds and Probity Builders utilized a negotiated bid process with the Friends of Nadaka Park to control costs and create an inclusive project management practice.

Project: PCRI Affordable House Project


2014, Verde and Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives/PCRI competed a 17-home affordable housing weatherization pilot, awarding 100% of the project’s weatherization contracts to target businesses. 2015, Verde and PCRI expand the pilot to weatherize 25 more PCRI homes.