Verde Builds

A licensed General Contractor (License # 191708), Verde Builds can conceive, design and implement environmental infrastructure projects. Partners include Probity Builders and Colas Construction.

Please contact Verde Executive Director Alan Hipólito to learn more about Verde Builds services


Project: Nadaka Park

Verde Builds served as General Contractor for the green features scope of work at Nadaka Park (a community-led park project in Gresham), including community garden, ecoroof, nature play area, and trails. Verde Builds and Probity Builders utilized a negotiated bid process with the Friends of Nadaka Park to control costs and create an inclusive project management practice.

Project: Cully Park

Verde Builds serves as co-general contractor with Colas Construction on the Cully Park project, converting a 25 acre former landfill into a public park in NE Portland's Cully Neighborhood. This approach increases assets and wealth among low-income people by supporting target business contracting and local hiring.



Project: PCRI Affordable House Project

2014, Verde and Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives/PCRI competed a 17-home affordable housing weatherization pilot, awarding 100% of the project’s weatherization contracts to target businesses. 2015, Verde and PCRI expand the pilot to weatherize 25 more PCRI homes.