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Verde serves communities by building environmental wealth through Social Enterprise, Outreach and Advocacy.

Since 2005, Verde has brought new environmental investments to Portland’s neighborhoods, involved community members in the planning and building of these investments, and ensured that low-income people and people of color directly benefited from the investments:

Greenspaces, Habitat, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Green Streets, Stormwater Management Facilities, Environmental Education, Green Jobs, Green Businesses...


Verde Landscape

Find out more about Verde's landscape contractor enterprise, Verde Landscape. Verde's most established enterprise, Verde Landscape provides services to businesses, governments and property owners.

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Verde Nursery

Verde Nursery has moved to Cully Park, producing plant material for features like the North Slope Habitat Restoration Area.


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Verde Energy

Find out more about Verde Energy, a response to growing opportunities in energy conservation and weatherization. Verde Energy is a collaboration with the Native American Youth & Family Center.

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Outreach and Advocacy

Verde has a story to tell about lessons learned, about good things coming to pass, and about the connection between protecting the environment and making a good living.

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