Verde Outreach -  Staff

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Vivian Satterfield

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Vivian Satterfield is second-generation Chinese American, born and raised in Chicago. Since relocating to Portland in 2008, she has worked in community at the intersection of environmental, racial and economic justice, rooted in movement building principles and progressive values. Vivian is an organizer, policy shaper and coalition builder.


Nestor Campos

Education Coordinator

Nestor has worked for Verde since 2006, and has played key roles in a wide range of Verde activities. As Education Coordinator, he leads Verde’s work with Expresiones, Hacienda CDC’s after school program for middle school students living in Hacienda CDC’s affordable housing properties, and with other Cully-serving educational institutions. A native of Venezuela, Mr. Campos earned a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Venezuela, and holds an Oregon Landscape Contractors License and an Oregon Commercial Pesticide Applicator License. He speaks Spanish and English.


Pedro Moreno

Outreach Worker

Pedro Moreno is the Outreach Worker for Verde. Originally from the state of Guerrero in Mexico, Pedro has lived in the United States for over 20 years. He began working for Verde in 2006 as a Landscape Crew Member, driving trucks to various locations in Portland to perform landscape restoration work with the other workers of Verde. He now works in the community doing outreach around various environmental and equity issues.


Anna Gordon

Community programs manager

Anna has over ten years of experience working in environmental and community education, both in the U.S. and Mexico, with a focus on community empowerment through sustainability. She came to Verde in 2015 to help lift up Living Cully community programming. Living Cully is an innovative collaboration between Habitat for Humanity Metro/East, Hacienda CDC, Native American Youth and Family Center (Naya) and Verde that works to reinterpret sustainability as an anti-poverty strategy. Prior to joining Living Cully, Anna spent five years at Hacienda CDC in the Youth and Family Services Department. Anna lives and works in the Cully Neighborhood in NE Portland.

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Cameron Herrington

Living Cully Program Manager

Cameron Herrington manages the anti-displacement program for the Living Cully coalition. Living Cully is a partnership of four community development organizations that are active in the Cully neighborhood: Habitat for Humanity, Hacienda CDC, NAYA and Verde. Cameron leads Living Cully’s efforts to ensure that neighborhood change and investment creates more opportunities for people of color and low-income households to live and thrive in Cully and beyond, rather than leading to their displacement as housing costs increase. His background is in cross-cultural community organizing, policy advocacy, and strategic communications.

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Mayra Torres

Housing Organizer

As the Housing Organizer, Mayra works with her fellow neighbors in Cully to organize and build relationships in the Arbor Mobile Home Park where she lives as well as the other Cully neighborhood mobile home parks. Mayra is driven to be part of the change in her community and hopes to encourage other neighbors to join, dream, and accomplish together. Mayra is originally from Mexico but has been part of the Cully neighborhood for over a decade. For the past three years she has worked for St. Charles Church on NE 42nd Ave, a church that has also been involved with the organizing in the mobile home parks in the Cully Neighborhood.

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Oriana Magnera

Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator

As Verde’s Energy and Climate Policy Coordinator, Oriana leads Verde’s work on energy and climate policy. Her background includes a focus on deepening organizational commitment and engagement with environmental justice and issues for low-income and marginalized communities in the energy space. She has facilitated workforce and economic development and community solar workgroups for the multi-state DOE Sunshot grant (Solar Plus) and facilitated a workgroup for the Oregon Public Utility Commission community solar docket (AR 603) on low-income program elements.

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Malin Jimènez

Community Organizer

As Verde’s Community Organizer, Malin empowers community members to take action around housing and environmental issues. She uses popular education to build power and leadership with over 100 program participants, predominantly low-income and Latinx. Malin is a trusted community advocate, speaking four languages: English, Spanish, and two Mayan languages Akateko, and Q’anjob’al. Malin came to Verde in 2013 through an internship with the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization’s Workforce Experience Intermediary Project, after which Verde hired her full time.

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Raina Brot-Goldberg

Environmental Educator

As an Environmental Educator for Verde, Raina engages with youth and adults through programming focused around sustainability, environmental stewardship, and STEM principles. Raina believes in engaging, educating and motivating folks around environmental justice issues by way of hands-on exploration and  place-based learning. She recently joined Verde in September as the Confluence AmeriCorp Member where she is serving to address environmental needs through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens. In her free time you can find her taking zumba dance classes or riding her bike around Portland!