Living Cully Memorandum of Understanding signed...

Today, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East, Hacienda CDC, the Native American Youth & Family Center, and Verde finalized the Living Cully Memorandum of Understanding/MOU.

Approved by each organization's Board of Directors, and signed by each organization's Executive Director, the Living Cully MOU recognizes the Partners’ complementary core capacities within a framework of mutually-reinforcing activities. It sets out: Parties and Mission; Vision, Purpose and Scope; Mutual Responsibilities; and, Organization Responsibilities. Per the MOU, Verde is responsible for Leading Living Cully.

Please click here to read the MOU.

The MOU's development process reflects the strong, routine collaboration among the 4 Living Cully Partners:

  • NAYA’s Director of Operations & Finance proposed a Living Cully MOU during the development of the Living Cully Budget.

  • Verde presented the idea at the next Living Cully Partners meeting, where Hacienda CDC offered to share its MOU template with the Partners as a follow up task.

  • Habitat for Humanity used Hacienda CDC’s MOU template to develop the 1st draft of the MOU.

  • Verde revised the 1st draft, and these subsequent drafts were reviewed at Partner meetings and separately by each Partner’s staff.

  • Program Managers and Executive Directors met with their Boards and/or Executive Committees to share information about the MOU, answer questions, and ensure the MOU was on track for formal approval.

  • Each Partner’s Board approved the MOU in the same calendar month.