¡Hoy, celebramos! ¡Mañana, pa’lante!

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Thanks to supporters like you, we have many election victories to celebrate!

Just minutes after the polls closed, local news agencies announced the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, Measure 26-201, passed by a strong margin: 63% to 35%!  This is truly a historic achievement by communities of color in coalition with mainstream environmental organizations, faith institutions, neighborhood associations, and more.

“From now on we know who is setting the environmental agenda in our city, in our state, in our country,” said Tony DeFalco, Verde’s Executive Director. “It’s people of color. We have borne the brunt of this disaster for a long, long time, and now we have the seeds in front of us of how we bear the fruit of the just transition.”

Passing the Portland Clean Energy Initiative means that the biggest corporations in the country will pay for clean energy in Portland, prioritizing low-income, communities of color. The initiative creates an estimated $30 million fund for renewable energy projects in Portland including weatherization, solar panels on affordable housing, green job training, and regenerative agriculture.

Thank you to our volunteers! You canvassed, you phone banked, you put up lawn signs, and you got out the vote! This victory speaks to how powerful we are when we come together and create innovate pathways for claiming justice for our communities and the environment.

Additionally, an overwhelming defeat of anti-immigrant measure 105 sends the message throughout our state that discrimination and hate have no place here. Many organizations and volunteers led this charge, and Verde is proud as an organization to have supported the No on 105 campaign.

There are many other victories to celebrate, including statewide measure 102, which will make it easier to access bond funding for affordable housing. Likewise, the Metro Housing Bonds measure 26-199 passed; these two measures together will create access for 12,000 people to safe, affordable housing.

Today, we celebrate!

Tomorrow, we work to implement the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, build more affordable housing, and continue to fight for racial justice, climate justice, economic justice, and more.


 Photo courtesy of Damon Motz-Storey

Photo courtesy of Damon Motz-Storey

Gracias a las personas que nos apoyan, como usted, tenemos muchas victorias electorales para celebrar.

La Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland, medida 26-201, se aprobó con una gran mayoría: ¡63% a 35%! Este es un logro histórico de las comunidades de color en coalición con organizaciones ambientales tradicionales, instituciones religiosas, asociaciones de vecinos y más.

“De ahora en adelante, sabemos quién está creando la agenda ambiental en nuestrx ciudad, en nuestrx estado, en nuestrx país”, dijo Tony DeFalco, Director Ejecutivo de Verde. “Es la gente de color. Hemos llevado la peor parte de los desastres ambientales durante mucho, mucho tiempo, y ahora tenemos las semillas de como damos fruto a la transición justa a una economía regenerativa.”

La aprobación de la Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland significa que las corporaciones más grandes del país pagaran por la energía limpia en Portland, dando prioridad a las comunidades de color y de bajos ingresos. La iniciativa crea un fondo de $30 millones para proyectos de energía renovable en Portland, incluyendo la climatización, paneles solares para viviendas asequibles, capacitación laboral ecológica y agricultura regenerativa.

¡Gracias a los voluntarios! Usted hicieron campa, tocaron puertas, hicieron llamadas y pasaron la voz a los votantes! Esta victoria demuestra lo poderoso que somos cuando nos unimos para crear caminos innovadores para reclamar justicia para nuestras comunidades y justicia para el medio ambiente.

Además, una derrota de la medida discriminatoria 105 envía el mensaje a todo nuestrx estado de que la discriminación y el odio no tienen lugar aquí. Muchas organizaciones y voluntarios lideraron este cargo, y Verde se enorgullece por haber apoyado la campaña No en 105.

Hay muchas otras victorias para celebrar como la medida 102, que facilitara el acceso a fondos de bonos para viviendas asequibles. Asimismo, se aprobó la medida 26-199 de bonos de viviendas en el área Metro; estas dos medidas juntas crearan acceso para 12,000 personas a viviendas seguras y asequibles.

¡Hoy celebramos!

Mañana, trabajamos para implementar la Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland, construir más viviendas asequibles y continuar luchando por la justicia racial, la justica climática, la justicia económica, y más.

Defending and Uplifting Our Communities: Verde's Guide to Voting November 2018

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Portland Clean Energy Initiative: Yes on Measure 26-201

Verde supports the Portland Clean Energy Initiative because it ensures low-income communities and communities of color have access to the green energy revolution that is coming.

Low-income communities and communities-of-color have borne the burdens of the fossil-fuel economy and have fewer resources to be able to withstand the impacts of climate change. In addition, these communities have been left out of the city of Portland’s sustainability movement, and the Portland Clean Energy Initiative centers these communities to be the leaders in climate change adaptation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

What is measure 26-201?

Measure 26-201 would increase the business license surcharge by 1% on retail corporations that make over $1 billion nationally, and $500,000 locally. These are some of the world’s largest corporations, not small, Portland businesses. This would create a fund of over $30 million administered by the City of Portland to make money available for community organizations that want to do renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that primarily serve low-income communities and communities of color here in the Portland area.

Projects could include solar installations on affordable housing, energy efficiency and weatherization of homes, clean job apprenticeship programs for communities typically locked out of living wage jobs, community garden and more.

Verde’s Community Energy Advocate Carolina Iraheta Gonzalez speaks to how this initiative will help families in Cully:

“We have, for example, one family that lives in a manufactured home and it’s a family of four with two young people. During the winters they see their electric bills up in the hundreds. In the coldest months they reach to about $450 a month. As you can imagine, they have a hard time paying for these high electric bills. The Portland Clean Energy Initiative would create a resource to help families like these that might not have access to energy efficiency products, all of the sudden be able to receive needed weatherization.”

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No on 105: Protect Oregon’s Sanctuary Status

Verde calls on our communities and allies to rise against racism with us and vote No on Measure 105. Measure 105 would throw out Oregon’s existing anti-racial profiling law, a law passed 30 years ago to protect Oregonians from unfair racial profiling.

A Vote NO on measure 105 will keep anti-racial profiling laws in place, ensuring that:

-         Local police personnel, funds, equipment and facilities are not used to pursue and detain people based solely on suspicions about their immigration status.

-         Oregonians cannot be stopped, detained, or interrogated just because someone thinks they might be an undocumented immigrant

Verde’s Outreach Coordinator Pedro Moreno calls us to say No:

“We all have to unite, in one way or another, to work hard so that measure 105 does not pass. It would affect us all: our communities, our families, our youth. Say No on 105.”

No on 105.jpg

Verde is support of other campaigns. We encourage you to check out their websites, and join us in supporting them:

-         Yes on 26-199: Affordable Housing Bond in the Portland Metro region.

-         Yes on 102: Amendment to Affordable Housing Bonds to increase usage of the funds Affordable Housing Bonds -

-         No on 103: Misleading tax loopholes

-         No on 104: Creates government gridlock

-         No on 106: No cuts to healthcare!

You can also check out Coalition of Communities of Color’s voters guide for information on these measures in English and Spanish: http://www.coalitioncommunitiescolor.org/ccc-news/2018-voter-guide

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Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland: Sí en la Medida 26-201

Verde apoya a la Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland porque asegura que las comunidades de bajos ingresos y comunidades de color tengan acceso a la revolución de la energía limpia y renovable.

Las comunidades de bajos ingresos y las comunidades de color han sentido la carga de la economía de combustibles fósiles y tienen menos recursos para recuperarse de los impactos del cambio climático. Además, a estas comunidades les han dejado fuera del movimiento de sostenibilidad de la ciudad de Portland, y la Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland centra a estas comunidades como líderes en la adaptación al cambio climático, la energía renovable y la eficiencia energética.

¿Qué es la medida 26-201?

La Medida 26-201 aumentaría el recargo de la licencia comercial un 1% en corporaciones grandes minoristas que ganan más de $1 mil millones a nivel nacional y $ 500,000 a nivel local. Estas son algunas de las empresas más grandes del mundo, no son pequeñas empresas de Portland. Esto crearía un fondo de más de $30 millones administrado por la Ciudad de Portland y disponible para las organizaciones comunitarias que desean realizar proyectos de energía renovable y eficiencia energética y que principalmente sirven a las comunidades de bajos ingresos y comunidades de color aquí en el área de Portland.

Los proyectos podrían incluir instalaciones solares en viviendas asequibles, eficiencia energética y climatización de viviendas, programas de aprendizaje de trabajos limpios para comunidades que normalmente están excluidas de los empleos de salario digno, jardines comunitarios y más.

La defensora de la energía comunitaria de Verde, Carolina Iraheta González comparte cómo esta iniciativa ayudará a las familias de Cully:

"Tenemos, por ejemplo, una familia que vive en una casa móvil y es una familia de cuatro con dos jóvenes. Durante los inviernos ellos ven sus facturas de electricidad llegar a cientos de dólares. En los meses más fríos alcanzan alrededor de $450 por mes. Como puede uno imaginar, a esta familia, les cuesta mucho pagar estas facturas altas de electricidad. La Iniciativa de Energía Limpia de Portland crearía un recurso para ayudar a familias como estas que quizás no tenían acceso a productos de eficiencia energética, y de repente podrían recibir la climatización necesaria ".

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No en 105: Proteger el estatus de santuario de Oregon

Luchen contra el racismo con nosotros y voten No a la Medida 105. Si la Medida 105 es aprobada por los votantes, quitaría a la ley existente en Oregón de “santuario”, que pasó hace más de 30 años con un amplio apoyo de Republicanos y Demócratas por una razón muy importante: terminar con la discriminación racial injusta en nuestro estado.

La Medida 105 desecharía la ley antirracista actual de Oregon, una ley aprobada hace 30 años para proteger a los residentes de Oregon de perfiles raciales injustos.

Votando No a la Medida 105 mantendrá la ley como esta, asegurando que:

  • La policía local, fondos, equipos y las instalaciones no sean utilizadas para perseguir y detener a personas sospechosas solo de violar la ley federal de inmigración.

  • Los Oregonianos no pueden ser parados, detenidos o ser interrogados sólo porque alguien piensa que pueden ser inmigrantes indocumentados.

El Coordinador de Outreach de Verde, Pedro Moreno, nos urge a decir No:

“Todos tenemos que unirnos, de una manera u otra, y a trabajar duro para que la medida 105 no pase. Nos afectaría a todos: nuestras comunidades, nuestras familias, nuestros jóvenes. Di no en el 105”.

Para mas informacion sobre las medidas, vista: http://www.coalitioncommunitiescolor.org/ccc-news/2018-voter-guide

Verde presents the Living Cully Community Mobility Needs Assessment

2018.10 Oct 26 Mobility Assessment.jpg

EVs, Uber and Lyft, Bird, Autonomous Vehicles - our options for getting around are quickly changing and expanding. Living Cully is interested in understanding how these new technologies can help Cully residents meet community needs. For this reason, Living Cully developed the “Living Cully Community Mobility Needs Assessment.”  

The assessment focuses on “Clean Mobility.” Clean Mobility refers to forms of transportation technology or programs that reduce fossil fuel consumption and emissions. Examples of Clean Mobility are:

·        electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters

·        car-ride programs such as Taxis, Lyft and Uber

·        car-share programs such as SmartCar, Car2Go and traditional car rental services

·        adequate transit programs

·        carpool programs

·        walking, biking and rolling

By investing in greater clean mobility options for Cully residents, we can take local action on climate change and make it easier for people to get around the city better.

During the spring and summer of 2018, Living Cully talked to over 120 Cully residents via surveys and focus groups about their transportation experiences and needs. The Assessment identifies four clean mobility recommendations to move forward in the Cully neighborhood.

·        Launch a Cully Neighborhood Shuttle Pilot

·        Provide More EV and E-bike Education

·        Research Alternatives to Financial and Technological Requirements for Clean Mobility Participation

·        Explore Utilizing Rideshare Credits for Senior Residents

Living Cully’s next step is to identify funding to move forward the communities’ recommendations. You can read the full Living Cully Community Mobility Assessment here.

Verde Leadership Transition

[Sent on behalf of Verde board co-chairs Desirée Williams-Rajee and Juan Muros]

Dear Verde Community,

On behalf of the Verde Board of Directors, we are excited to share our decision to hire Tony DeFalco as Verde’s next Executive Director, effective July 1. Our founder, Alan Hipolito, will take on a new role, Director of Special Projects, starting on that same date. We will celebrate Alan’s leadership and many accomplishments at the Cully Park celebration on June 30 (Stay tuned for more details).

Living Cully Buys the Sugar Shack...!!

A key milepost in an exciting journey -- today, Living Cully (via Living Cully Plaza LLC, a limited liability company comprising Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East, Hacienda CDC, and Verde) took ownership of the Sugar Shack.

This kind of great result doesn't happen without important contributions from many, many organizations and individuals, including the Living Cully Partners, Craft3, the Portland Development Commission, Oregon Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, the many contributors to Living Cully's first crowdfunding campaign, and numerous other critical participants.

A special shout out to Tony DeFalco, Living Cully Coordinator, who did tremendous and tireless work from the moment the for sale sign appeared on the building, pushing that mythical rock up the hill until he actually reached the top. We're fortunate to have such talented and dedicated folks working for Verde and Living Cully...

Major federal grant for Cully Park...!!

Great news, and another welcome and humbling payoff for hard work by many, many people and organizations.

Today, we are pleased to share that we have secured a $500,000 federal grant to develop Cully Park. These funds will support development of the soccer field, and are being provided by the National Parks Service's National Land and Water Conservation Fund Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program. Cully Park is 1 of only 10 awards in the nation, and 1 of only 2 to receive the maximum grant amount, a recognition of the power of our community-based model for Park development.

It is important to express our great thanks to Portland Parks & Recreation and to the State of Oregon Parks & Recreation Department. Nonprofits, like Verde, cannot apply for these grants -- Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership grants are available only to state and local government agencies as well as to certain federally-recognized Indian tribes. So, please join us in thanking the City and the State for pursuing these funds for Cully Park, and for their continuing partnership and unwavering support.

Click here to read Portland Parks & Recreation's press release...

Living Cully's 1st crowdfunding campaign is a success...!!

1.8.2015. THANK YOU to all of you who donated, got the word out or got friends and family to donate to Let Us Buy the Sugar Shack! We raised $54,194 and surpassed our $50K goal on December 18. We’ve received verbal commitments of an additional $10,070 in contributions as well. Over 500 people and organizations contributed. This is an amazing outpouring of support from the community and we are heartened by it.

So, what’s next?

The sale is still moving forward. We have until January 25 to complete our due diligence. We are still completing our due diligence, including building inspection and appraisal. We’ve been supported by the Cully Blvd Alliance in paying for these costs. THANK YOU Cully Blvd Alliance!! We have been and will continue to engage with community members and potential tenants of the redeveloped site to identify community-serving uses like healthy food, recreation, childcare, health care along with green infrastructure to create environmental benefits at the site.