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6.14.2013. This week, a team of Masters in Urban & Regional Planning students from Portland State University released Not In Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies for the Cully Neighborhood. The students (Ricardo Bañuelos, Brooke Jordan, Rebecca Kennedy, Danell Norby, Erik Olson, Cary Watters) worked with Verde, Native American Youth & Family Center, Hacienda CDC, and many other Cully stakeholders to develop a set of strategies for preventing the displacement of low-income Cully residents as new investment comes in to the neighborhood. Please click here to read the Student’s Report, please click here to read the Report’s Background Documents (e.g., Demographic Profile, Economic Profile, Research and Case Study Bibliography, &c).

The Not In Cully campaign is a part of Living Cully: A Cully Ecodistrict, a long-term, collaborative effort by Verde, NAYA and Hacienda CDC to drive environmental investments into the Cully Neighborhood in response to existing community needs. Time after time, public and private institutions have made investments in Portland’s low-income and people of color neighborhoods. Time after time, these investments did not meaningfully benefit existing residents; instead, new residents enjoyed the results: safer and better lit streets, thriving small businesses, lightrail connections, bike lanes, parks and greenspaces.

Not In Cully is an effort to ensure that new investments do not displace existing residents and businesses. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Ricardo, Brooke, Rebecca, Danell, Erik and Cary for the good, hard work that went into preparing this Report, and for providing us with tools and research to inform the work ahead for the Not in Cully campaign.