Verde Funding

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Awarded Funding

Verde is grateful to acknowledge a fortunate funding history, from the very first $10,000 grant from the Enterprise Foundation's Life Opportunities Initiative to recent grants from the Vibrant Village Foundation and the Northwest Area Foundation.  Verde's current funders include:




Date Awarded

Metro Nature in Neighborhoods Conservation Education Grant $25,000 Verde Landscape 5.19.2015
Metro Nature in Neighborhoods Capital Grant $200,000 Cully Park 5.15.2015
National Land and Water Conservation Fund Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program $500,000 Cully Park 4.21.2015
Surdna Foundation Renewal $400,000 Living Cully 4.3.2015
Oregon Community Foundation $25,000 Sugar Shack 3.31.2015
Metro Regional Travel Options $102,000 Living Cully 2.23.2015
Bullitt Foundation $50,000 Living Cully 2.10.2015
US Fish & Wildlife Service $162,500 (Lead Applicant: Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge) Cully Park 2.4.2015
Meyer Memorial Trust $200,000 Sugar Shack 12.18.2014
The Collins Foundation $140,000 Cully Park 12.18.2014
A Private Family Foundation $10,000 Verde Energy (PCRI Pilot) 12.12.2014
Penney Family Fund, a member of the Common Counsel Foundation $20,000 Living Cully 12.8.2014
A Private Family Foundation $15,000 Verde Energy (PCRI Pilot) 11.18.2014
Oregon Community Foundation, Community Grant Program $40,000 Cully Park: Inter-Tribal Gathering Garden 11.14.2014
Meyer Memorial Trust, Affordable Housing Advocacy Grant $25,000 (Lead Applicant: Coalition of Communities of Color) Outreach 10.30.2014
Oregon Business Development Dept, Brownfields Program $18,000 Living Cully Plaza/Sugar Shack 9.30.2014
City of Portland 1% for Green Fund $277,500 Cully Park 7.25.2014
Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, Local Government Grants $473,000 Cully Park 7.22.2014
Kresge Foundation $600,000 Living Cully 7.10.2014
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation-Wells Fargo Environmental Solutions for Communities Fund $50,000 Cully Park 5.30.2014

Portland Community Watershed Stewardship Program


Living Cully


United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Community Strengthening Grant

$90,000-$180,000 for 3 years

General Operating


Portland Parks & Recreation, System Development Charges


Cully Park


A Private Family Foundation


Verde Energy (PCRI Pilot)


Northwest Health Foundation-Kaiser Permanente Community Fund

$200,000 for 2 years

Living Cully


Northwest Area Foundation

$200,000 for 2 years

Living Cully


Vibrant Village Foundation

$50,000 for 2 years

Cully Park


Meyer Memorial Trust

$250,000 for 2 years

Cully Park


Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

$100,000 for 2 years

Capacity Building


East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, Partners in Conservation Plus Grant

$140,000 for 2 years

Cully Park


Surdna Foundation, Renewal Grant

$325,000 for 2 years

Capacity Building, Cully Park, Living Cully


Metro Regional Travel Options Grant

$130,000 for 2 years

Living Cully


City of Portland 1% for Green Fund


Cully Park


Oregon Business Development Dept, Brownfields Program


Living Cully


Metro Nature in Neighborhoods Capital Grant

$577,000 for 3 years

Cully Park


National Science Foundation

$63,000, 4 years Outreach-Advocacy (Lead Applicant: OMSI) 9.9.2009



Funding In Progress




Date Submitted

Kaiser Permanente Northwest Healthy Eating-Active Living Initiative, Full Application $250,000 Living Cully 6.15.2015
Oregon Business Development Department $60,000 Cully Park 6.10.2015
Metro Connect with Nature RFP, Proposal $100,000-$120,000 Outreach 5.20.2015
Metro Nature in Neighborhoods Restoration Grant, Pre-Application $25,000 Verde Landscape 4.21.2015 (accepted, full application in development)
Wells Fargo-US Conference of Mayors CommunityWINS Program $300,000 (Lead Applicant: Portland Mayor’s Office) Living Cully 3.16.2015
ArtPlace America National Grants Program, Full Application $500,000 Cully Park, Living Cully 3.16.2015
US Forest Service National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost-Share Grant, Full Application $150,000 (Lead Applicant: Ecotrust; $48,813 to Verde) Social Enterprise 1.2.2015
US EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant $30,000 Living Cully 12.15.2014
DEQ Columbia Slough Natural Resource Fund $155,000 Cully Park 6.3.2014